zondag, mei 22, 2011


Hexing Hexagons

These hexing hexagons of mine
Are perplexing hexing thoughts
Of whirling toward the world I see
For a swirl of whirling fun
A line to spawn these drawn shapes
As they dawn to spawn some more
Then patterns placed by grace to find
Show races placed inside my mind

Paul Moosberg

woensdag, mei 18, 2011

The Mushroom

The Mushroom is the Elf of Plants --
At Evening, it is not --
At Morning, in a Truffled Hut
It stop upon a Spot
As if it tarried always
And yet its whole Career
Is shorter than a Snake's Delay
And fleeter than a Tare --
'Tis Vegetation's Juggler --
The Germ of Alibi --
Doth like a Bubble antedate
And like a Bubble, hie --
I feel as if the Grass was pleased
To have it intermit --
This surreptitious scion
Of Summer's circumspect.
Had Nature any supple Face
Or could she one contemn --
Had Nature an Apostate --
That Mushroom -- it is Him!
Emily Dickinson
1830 - 1886

zondag, mei 15, 2011

New Beginnings

I see the field where life does grow
in patches green from down below
where now we walk thru seeds once sown
a time of new beginning

We look not back from whence we came
or where we go it's all the same
where life's within a picture frame
in times of new beginning

Hold not for what tomorrow brings
to change your life, so many things
the bell once tolled, no longer rings
for a time of new beginning

Give not to sadness, enjoy the smiles
In fields, once yielded to the plow
come lay with me for just a while
This time of new beginning

So look now deep into my eyes
enjoy this time for how it flies
of gentle moans and tender sighs
for us and new beginnings

woensdag, mei 11, 2011

Big Bigger

The forest quilt is no longer a quilt it is a BIG pillow now
for dreaming my dreams

Let me take you to the enchanted forest,
Where the fairies and the elves will pamper you,
Amid the wild rose and honeysuckle plants,
To remind you of the marvels of your youth.