maandag, juli 03, 2006


At the moment I am working on 2 little quilts ,maybe there wil be more ,
The shape of a body of a pregnant woman is the subject .
the quilt whit the soft collors is mostly hand embrioderd, the surrounding of the bodys gives it i diverent feeling .
I wonder if you are having the same feelings about the quilts .

4 opmerkingen:

jenclair zei

Yes, they do have a different feeling, but they both have the feeling of floating in water. I love them both and particularly like the textural effect of the embroidery in the bottom one and the floating squares in the top one.

ACey zei

I think they feel very different and yet related. The embroidery is stunning and quite inspiring, as always

Liz zei

I love the colours and the texture of the stitching in these!

Deb H zei

Rich textures & colors. I really love what you do Emmy.