woensdag, augustus 16, 2006

it is Finished

The Hot sommer is finished ,on to the next things .The first of september I am goning to start on a 6 days workshop at Dreamline this is about painting fabrics and creating quilts ,I hope to learn a lot and get lots of ideas to go on .I go every 3 weeks on a Fryday to the workshop so there wil be some homework to do .On the end of September I go to Bourboule there is an European Crazy Artquilt Festival ,I send 2 art quilts there so it is very exiting for me the website of the festival .It is organized by Sophie Gelfi here website is she makes wonderful quilts .And in April Dijanne Cevaal is coming to Nederland again and I intend to go to here workshop aswel. so much nice things to do .

6 opmerkingen:

jenclair zei

Emmy, this is beautiful. I loved it in progress, and now, even more with the quilting!

Maureen zei

Oh Emmy
Once again you have completed a quilt with real WOW factor.I envy you your great artistic flair

Sarah zei

This piece is fantastic! Beautifully done - BRAVO!

Elle zei

I like it! Very cool!

ACey zei

Just had enough time to visit your blog and see the completion of this piece. It's so beautiful and and vivid!

Shirley Goodwin zei

I have looked at this several times now, and conscious of my blog whining about people not leaving comments, I want to say "More, please!". This is very appealing.