vrijdag, november 14, 2008

painting a box

A little box a little quilt tyvek paint and some time to work on this
The idea check this
A great online workshop

SharonB of "In A Minute Ago" fame has moved to squarespace--her new address is

5 opmerkingen:

Laurence zei

I love background and texture. Very beautiful colors.

corryna zei

Het ziet er heel mooi uit. Maar helaas kan ik de workshop niet zien, want dan moet je een wachtwoord e.d. intypen en die heb ik niet.
Vandaag en gisteren had ik een workshop van Wil Fritsma. Wat weer erg leuk (Experiment 4)

sharonb zei

I wanted to say I like your piece and thanks for spreading the news about my blog move

Hi! I'm Grace zei

wow! very beautiful, Ms. Emmy. anyway, happy "i love to write day" :)

Anoniem zei

What a fabulous box; I just love it. I would really like to see it in real life - I bet the texture is wonderful!
Thanks for the link to the online workshop - it looks a really interesting website.