zondag, december 21, 2008

my quilt with my friend

working on my quilt with my friend
she is always helping me ????
telling me what to do

11 opmerkingen:

jude zei

hey, the quilt looks great! what is it about cats, they just love to be helpful....

Waltraud zei

Wish you a wonderful christmas and a happy new year!

Deb H zei

Cats & quilts, you just have to love them! My cat is always getting into what ever I'm doing. I think he wants to be the center of attention, or maybe he's just a quilt critic.

Your quilt is really beautiful!

Wanda zei

Beautiful quilt! The colors! The quilting! My cat and I go 'round and 'round about her "helping" me. But in the end, she always wins.

arlee zei

That's because Cats have such good taste :}

Wonderfully colourful on a grey day here to see this!

sammy zei

Let me tell you this is so awesome!

Emmy zei
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Barbara zei

wish you wonderful christmas and a happy new year...always watching your wonderful work...

sammy zei

what a awesome quilt! I love all the color and demention you have gotten...

corryna zei

Wat weer een kleurenpracht. Mooi hoor! Jij weet kleuren altijd zo goed te combineren.

Chris zei

I love your quilt project. I can't wait to explore more of your blog. Nice to meet you... Chris