vrijdag, juni 05, 2009

the tree

a piece of printed fabric and dyed fabricks made into a little quilt
one the left side I put layers of organza some freemotion embroidery and then with the heatgun melting the organza
I wil hangt it on the wall to see if there is more to be added

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Corryna Janssen zei

Dit is weer een echte 'Emmy'. Mooie stoffen heb je bij de foto gekozen. Het matched heel goed. En dat doorkijkje met de organza helpt ook goed mee. Mooi hoor.

Sandra zei

Mooi geworden Emmy!

2smart zei

Lovely piece. Isn't it amazing how helpful it is to hang something up and study it for a while. My trouble is knowing when enough is enough. sheila

Chris zei

Simply Stunning! I really love my visits to your blog.

Angelcat zei


Jacquelines blog zei

Prachtig Emmy!!!

maggi zei

A beautiful piece, I love the way the trees appear and disappear.

Wanda zei

I love it! I enlarged it to see it up close and it was even better!

Kaylovesvintage zei


Gunnels blog zei

So very beautiful! I like it!