vrijdag, februari 12, 2010

My Dad made this box

this little box was made by my dad
I have it for a long time ,my dad died when he was 56
I always loved this little box
,but now,,,,,I signed up for a lino cut course
and today I was trying to do a little lino cutting
It did not go so well ,
Do you know now why I am showing this wooden box,

I know,

7 opmerkingen:

Melissa ;-) zei

It's a beautiful box and you are very lucky to have it. I have several things my dad and mom made before they passed and I will always treasure them. I prefer hand made to store bought anyway, but items like yours are extra special.

jan zei

What a beautiful box to treasure!

Színek és álmok zei

A beautiful box was left for you your kind father guard very much .
Your attempt is beautiful very much.
I thank you for having been at me and you read me ,you have kind beautiful works.
I like your tiny manual sewing now I do it .

Nancilyn (Fiberdabbler) zei

What a lovely treasure you have. What does it say on the top?

Emmy zei

thank you the box is for spoons and that is what it say on top

Yvette zei

ik weet het ook lieverd...het is prachtig!


Heather zei

A beautiful box! My great grandmother (from Friesland) carved a wooden box with similar patterns, that is still in our family. Such treasures!