maandag, april 05, 2010

final Ierland quilt

The quilt for the C&G course is finished

55-75 cm
crazy quilting and the middle piece a Celtic cross  for a better view you can click on the picture

I have to go now and make 1 other quilt  for the course
and I have no Idea what to make  my mind is empty
no inspiration


4 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

I love this piece, the colours are also so Irish. I'm sure inspiration will come to you soon for your next quilt.

Jan zei

This is a wonderful piece, maybe you can gain some inspiration from it, or go blog hopping. Or take your camera outside and gain inspiration from something out there. Good luck!

artymess zei

This is a lovely piece the cross done with stitches ? ....sometimes inspiration just comes out of the air when you least expect it ....Lorna

Jackie zei

Lovely piece. I love Celtic inspired pieces.