vrijdag, mei 28, 2010


not a very good picture but here it is my  KISS  project . 
by Dijanne Cevaal
KISS ,,,,, Keep It Simple Stupid
I made it on white fabric with strait stitches   in many different colours

it is simple but many stitches so lots of work .

4 opmerkingen:

Maggi zei

I love the way the stitches add the colour to the fabric.

Valerie L zei

Beautiful pattern. It is amazing to see what you can do with a simple embroidery stitch. Thanks for sharing.

2smart zei

Simple is good! The stitching in the various colours is lovely

Sharne Gregory zei

You look like you enjoyed stitching your KISS project. I know I did and I felt quite sad when it was finished. Amazing what can be achieved with just a straight stitch!