donderdag, juni 10, 2010

playing with a circle

my head is full of ideas these circles are for my friendschip quilt
I wanted do add an other border onto the quilt but did not know how to and yesterday I found some circles on  Spirit cloth  ,,,a great inspiration blog.
still in progress but I like it... 

8 opmerkingen:

Ellen zei

Ik zie de vriendschap er in zitten Emmy

2smart zei

I love your circles especially the border one, Sheila

Jan zei

I like this direction you are moving in.

Maggi zei

What a brilliant idea using the circles.

Deborah zei

I love the woven circles!


is super, super,
can copy the model?
I like very much.

jude zei

looks great emmy, i like that you have tried the circle.... we had so much fun with this is in the cloth to cloth class....

Magpie's Mumblings zei

Nice way to combine weaving and the circle form Emmy. I like it!!