woensdag, februari 09, 2011


working on Labyrinth the quilt for the challenge with 4 girls Willy Sandra and a guest Tineke 
There is some time to finish we have a data in march .

For the quilt I used hand dyed fabric, scrim,Paint sticks,quilting by machine and embroidery
The Embroidery is not finished


This is a smaller piece I am working on for the course with Jude

In my eyes of heart
In my heart of eyes
Magical moon had lit
Many stars smiled
Over my clouded heart

On my drums of heart
On my heart of drums
Songs played magically
Music oozed slowly
Over my beat less heart

To my dreams of heart
To my heart of dreams
Life roused freshly
Smile smiled smilingly
On dry lips of my heart

For my life of heart
For my heart of life
Colors faded naturally
Season changed timely
For me to be my part

Kranthi Pothineni

4 opmerkingen:

Willy zei

Emmy!!! Wat mooi toch allemaal weer.
Wat zal het bijzonder zijn, daar in Noordwijk, de verrassing om van ons vieren, zo verschillend, de quilts te zien. En dan met dat uitzicht, de zee erbij!!!!
Nog maar even....

deanna7trees zei

the stitches over the scrim in 'labyrinth' is very effective. also love how you combined the weavings and i am a big fan of the blanket stitch.

Janny de Roo zei

Dat wordt weer heel iets moois, ik blijf het volgen...!

gunnelsvensson zei

It´s look so very nice Emmy! Thank you for kind comment! I hope you feel well?