zaterdag, april 23, 2011

No Time

  sometimes I feel like this

No Time
I push through the chaos,
My mind tangles up,
My senses are battered,
My thoughts remain shut,
The purr of the traffic
Sends birds to the sky,
Abused by construction,
I wish I could fly,
As I glance at my watch
I know I must run,
I've no time for a life,
No time to have fun,
I've no time to observe,
My eyes cannot see,
There's no time to listen,
No time to be me.

By Polly C

3 opmerkingen:

Heartwideopen zei

I hate to admit how much this sounds like me right now. College is sucking all my time and energy and I need to have some "Me" time. Love this poem. Thank you so much for sharing!!

:~) Debi

Willy zei

De notenboom heeft nog geen blad, anders zou ik zeggen: kom een dagje gezellig hier onder die boom. Handwerkje mee, wie doet je wat?

Magpie's Mumblings zei

Thank you for this one! I can so identify with it right now.