woensdag, juli 27, 2011

my friend

My little friend died yesterday
a sad day

14 opmerkingen:

AnneJeu zei

Sterkte, Emmy! Altijd verdrietig om je huisdier te verliezen.

Unknown zei

it so hard to say goodbye to such loyal friends.

Sandra Wyman zei

So sorry to hear this, Emmy. They really are members of the family, and having lost one of mine recently I know how sad you must be feeling. Sending hugs...

murgelchen zei

It is so sad. I think of you.

Janny de Roo zei

Huisdieren....ik kan er niet zonder, dus ik begrijp dat dit een erg verdrietige tijd voor je is...! Sterkte !

Anoniem zei

Wat een verdrietig bericht - ik weet hoe het voelt - sterkte Emmy

Anoniem zei

So sorry to hear that, Emmy.

Angela zei

:( Such sad news, so sorry for the loss of your lovely friend

Magpie's Mumblings zei

awww, Emmy - I'm so sorry.

Heartwideopen zei

I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. It hurts a lot when we lose our four legged soul mates! I'm sending warm thoughts and ((((HUGGS)))) your way.

;-) Debi

molly jean zei

I am so sorry! May you be blessed with many happy memories to soften the pain.

Anoniem zei

I'm so sorry to hear...yes, it hurts...mourn your friend....who will always be with you in your heart and memories....{{{hugs}}}


Corryna zei

Oh nee... dat is zo verdrietig. Een dikke knuffel van mij!


bj zei

So sad. Furry friends leave footprints on our hearts.