zaterdag, september 24, 2011

making a pocket

I think of all the things  I have,
I like my pockets best.
Pockets hold just everything
and they give your hands a rest.

I never know just what I'll find,
what special things I'll see
to put inside my pockets ~~
these are treasures, just for me.

When Mommy's doing laundry though,
she says sometimes it's scary
finding rocks and frogs and beetles
and my spiders that are hairy.

4 opmerkingen:

gunnelsvensson zei

Very beautiful Emmy!

Nancy zei

Love your pocket poem! Seems that pockets are everywhere these days. Reminds me of all the pocket fun I had with Pre-K classes in the past!

deanna7trees zei

scrumptious pockets. wonder what surprises they will hold.

Yvette zei

o ja..zakken waar je niet weet wat er in zit...nou de mijne vol honden koekjes...

wat een leuk gedicht!