Sunday, December 04, 2011

new projects

I know it is not a quilt yet
I make a hexagon in 30 minutes
and every time I have one finished
I saw it on the other hexagons
I try to make one every day

But there is more
At the and of the year
new projects are born
old ones renewed
some are so lovely
i can not resist

Here are 2
I want to share
See what you do
I want them
and you ,,,,,

building houses
TAST 2012


deanna7trees said...

wow. your hexies are wonderful. the links at the end didn't work for me but i'm in on the TAST project. don't know about the 'building houses'.

Emmy said...

Thanks Deanna it is working now

kaiteM said...

you're fast with your hexies, i "double knit" mine but it takes me about 1 1/2 hours to make one. i'm also in on TAST.
will go and look at building houses now.