vrijdag, februari 17, 2012

it felt like spring

As winter turns the corner
And spring is on the way
I wait with mounting happiness
To see what comes today.

I also love the cold days
With frost upon the sill
But something special happens
Once winter’s had its fill.

The crocus buds are swollen
The daffodils sprout so tall
Something special happens
As spring time makes its call.

So get ready for the changes
That happens none too soon
When spring time rounds that corner
And flowers start to bloom!

3 opmerkingen:

Nancy zei

Beautiful words and flower! The pansy was one of my mom's favorite flowers...I love their happy little faces :)

jenclair zei

I love pansies and violas--they provide color when we most need it during the winter and early spring.

Janny de Roo zei

Laat het Voorjaar maar komen hoor....van mij mag het !