zondag, juni 03, 2012

My Back is Whack

Every day starts with a crack
How much I loathe my awful back!
It hurts when walking, driving, sleeping
I'm tired of hurting, aching, weeping
I don't like pills or smelly lotions
I don't believe in magic potions
Instead I stretch and exercise
But my back won't compromise

 so sad ,,,,,,,
I will not be there
I hope you have a wonderful day ladies,,,,,,,

4 opmerkingen:

deanna7trees zei

hope you get to feeling better. love your stitched piece.

Nancy zei

Oh, I'm so sorry for your pain. I've had a bad back since High School, so I get it! Take it easy :)

Peggy zei

Sending you good vibes. Your cloth looks lovely. xo

MulticoloredPieces zei

I sympathize. I think of myself as the Tin Man. If I don't do 20 minutes of yoga in the morning to stretch out and de-rust, I will damage my back most certainly during the day. However, I am thankful for knowing the yoga and that it works (relatively). May exercise keep you on a steady path as well.
best, nadia