zaterdag, september 01, 2012

a quilt and a story
If you like to make a quilt go ,
but you must go for the story,s
 it must not be forgotten  these strong women fighting to vote

One: The Hunger Strike (Constance speaks) 
   Locked in my cell, I am as cold as snow: 
   the high-pitched ache before numbness sets in. 
   Cold tests our barriers, tests our resolve. 
   I rinse my mouth with water, do not drink. 
   Aged ten, I saw the massive, cypress slopes 
   suddenly parting on the brilliant peaks 
   where, so our natives said, Lord Shiva lives. 
   He tests our barriers, tests our resolve. 
   In prison, we are blue-shadowed, deadly white. 
   The blush of sunrise flashes like a blade. 
   I am the will that holds me in this light. 
   My flesh wastes like a block of melting ice. 
   I tie my skirt around my neck for warmth 
   and feed upon the smells of what they bring. 
   My nightmares fill with slaughtered animals. 
   I dream of jasmine garlanding a tree. … 

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