dinsdag, januari 01, 2013

Octablom quilt

Day after day the pattern grew;
Each block was deftly set in place,
And rows of tiny stitches tell

A tale that time cannot efface.
Of patience, skill, housewifely pride,
Of women's love for pretty thing,

Of fingers trained such work to do
By those who know the joy it brings,
Of time within the home weel spent,
The heart with homely tasks content.

6 opmerkingen:

Kathleen zei

Fabulously beautiful quilt top. Indeed a labor of love. Happy New Year.

deanna7trees zei

like a mystery quilt...each block has its own story. beautiful.

Klaske zei

De beste winsken foar 2013 Emmy!
Wat in moaie foto's fan dyn octablom!

Peggy zei

I've never seen this pattern before, it's lovely and you stitch beautifully. xx

Nancy zei

What a wonderful ~ beautiful story on cloth!!
happy New Year to you :)

Yvette zei

mooi Emmy!
Een heel gelukki nieuwjaar!
ik heb hier een 6 hoekjes project wat gerepareerd moet...