zondag, oktober 27, 2013

Travelers Blanket

Surrounded by them,
You wonder which way
they actually turn.

You spin around
in a dizzy haze
Making life follow you
At each turn.

They have no beginning
And no end



6 opmerkingen:

Judy Martin zei

very exciting this piece full of circles.

Nancy zei

Love all the movement of the colors/circles on the earthy background! Your stitches are fantastic! This is so beautiful.

Magpie's Mumblings zei

Circles are perfect - no beginning and no end. I always enjoy your poetry to go along with the images!

Penny Berens zei

Now, there's a blanket I would want to travel with! your hedgehog. I miss not seeing them rustling about in the undergrowth.

Yvette zei

de cirkel van het leven

jenclair zei

A travelers blanket is a great idea, and as other commenters mention, I love the circle, colors, movement in this blanket!