Sunday, May 18, 2014


A Song Of Clematis

Purple and green the clematis
Leans down my lady's mouth to kiss.
  Purple and green: we mourn a king
  With purple for deep sorrowing.
      Is Love then dead, that long has been
      A king enthroned our hearts between?

Purple for grief: but Hope has been
For ever garlanded in green.
  Then sing of green, and purple bring
  For state and not for sorrowing.
      Purple and green the clematis
      Kisses where a king might kiss.


Martine said...

Erg mooi Emmy, wat heerlijk dat alles weer bloeit........

Wilma said...

Purple , my favorite color! Helaas wil de clematis bij mij niet meer groeien, last van de verwelkingsziekte. Ik vind ze heel mooi