maandag, juni 05, 2006

Pages of my Fabric Art Journal

The last pages of the journal Dream are finished ,
The front page inside hase a inscription
,When you cease to dream, you cease to live .
I embrioderd it whit gold thread ,
The dream will begin I came done the hole in the wall to the world of my dream

The last page is the back site of the journal The dream ends do I see a door shall I go ,out of the dream ????
Is it realy the end ,No the dreaming is going on ,If you see the last back page there is a other door to a other dream

I wil go on dreaming ....

I have to make the binding to finish the art journal ,so back to the work place to make it a real journal

9 opmerkingen:

inge zei

wat maak je mooie dingen!

jenclair zei

Beautiful, Emmy, and I like the back door into another dream!

annax zei

Emmy, het is een prachtige journal!
Ik kan me goed voorstellen dat je je hier zo heerlijk aan zit te werken! x

Deb H zei

I LOVE it Emmy. Dreaming is GOOD! Dream is one of the words I have stenciled on my studio wall, along with Imagine, Wonder, Create & Be Inspired!

emmyschoonbeek zei

Dank je inge ,
Jenclair thanks for the lovely comment ,
Annex ook bedankt,and Deb tanks and let us all have wonderful Dreams

Shirley Goodwin zei

Lovely, Emmy, like all your work!

ACey zei

it is more inspiring every time I look at it.

ina klugt zei

Hi Emmy,
We were in Borger together at the workshop with Dijanne. I liked it so much. Have you finished your works already? It was a beautiful idea and I am curious about the result.
I have not worked on mine yet - busy, you know.
Tomorrow I am going to my 3rd lesson Quilten Speciaal with Els van Baarle. I am very much looking forward to this day.
keep you informed, means, read mij weblog and as you do: I do not write every day.

Your weblog is great, I still don't know how to publish foto's on it, but I hope someone would teach me how to do this. I am not a great compu-nerd.

Best regards,
Ina Klugt - Lemele
( How about your sewing machine ? )

Anoniem zei

zooooo dat zijn mooie werkstukken !! ik denk dat je beter gelijk de vervolgcursus bij Dreamline kunt doen, zo vrij en experimenteel als jij werkt, groetjes Mary