zaterdag, juni 03, 2006

Fabric art journal

At last an other page of the fabric art juornal
It is a page whit embriodery, tyvek , machine embriodery .
It is a long divicult road back to the real live ,
out of the dreams ,
I am stil working on the binding and there are more pages that i have to make

6 opmerkingen:

jenclair zei

Your work does have a dreamlike quality to it! T like this piece very eyes move all over it with the curvey lines, but come back to the yellow in the middle.

Deb H zei

Beautiful piece. I love the foot prints, like they're crossing the stream, earthy colors & bright red. Lovely textures & embroideries.

ACey zei

a fabulous creation, so beautifully executed.

Micki zei

Lovely, earthy colors. Love all of the embroidery work.

ina klugt zei

Dear Emmy, I remember who you are. I like your quilts and your weblog. I did not do anything on the quilts we made at Dijannes workshop, buzy, buzy with all other things.
Thank you for your comment on my log. I am not good in these things and just changed a lot of things and moved weblogs to other locations so I must start all over again. It does not feel good.
What is your birthday? I am Aries too. 15 april. Looking formward hearing from you.
Ina Klugt.

Suzie Q zei

Hi Emmy :) Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. Your work is so beautiful, I am in awe!