maandag, april 30, 2007

Alterd Books

cover of a journal for my doodles ,an embrioderd piece on the cover ,and then I painted it with acryl paint ,it hase to dry before I can work on it a little more.

This is for a swap for Fiber Art Friends to make a box from a book ,I could not get started I found it very strange to cut in a book .
but I am going now and it is very great and I get many Ideas , I am using paper ,paint ,fabric and fibers ,baeds . This one hase to dry also than I can add more

10 opmerkingen:

Beate Knappe zei

Wonderful Idea

Sue Bleiweiss zei

it's coming along very nicely Emmy!

Tijm zei

Wah, alweer zo iets moois!

Barbara zei

I can feel the colours! Red means life!

Digitalgran zei

I'm about to start mine Emmy and I hope it will turn out as well as yours.

Terri Stegmiller zei

It's looking fabulous!


Altered books - one of my dreams. Your work is so lively.

SeamRippstress zei

Oh Emmy it's looking lovely! I adore your hand stitching. You've inspired me with the handwork. I'm stitching a green beaded snake for your book!

Judy Scott zei

Love what you've done here, the colour is gorgeous, Jx

Dianne zei

Your book looks fantastic!! And love the cover you have made for your doodles.