donderdag, mei 03, 2007


I am playing I have little time but I want to make something
so I made a card
I got some lovely cord from doreen and a wonderful ATC I wil add the pictures later when i have more time I got more brithday cards and more ATC from france .

9 opmerkingen:

Vicki W zei

That card is so cool!

Tijm zei

Lekker om zo te kunnen spelen!!

Sue B zei

I wish my playing ended up with results as cool as yours!

Dianne zei

I wanna come play too!!!!!!!!!

corina zei

Leuk dat je zo mooi kan spelen!

Sarah zei

how beautiful and vibrant!

Barbara zei

beautiful stiches!!

Gunnels blog zei

beautiful play and stitches!

Judy Rys zei

Beautiful stitching, looks like fireworks.