zaterdag, juli 14, 2007

Embriodery Class

I signd in for the embriodey class on joggles this class is given by Sharon b I love her work and she is a great teatcher .this week was the stard and i got insperation and i made this postcard it is not finished yet . The stitches I used :herringbone stitch,detached chain stitch,chouching,satin stich,french knot,bullion knot and wooden beads and glass beads.

The eye sees a great many things ,but the average brain records very few of them.
-Thomas Alva Edison-

9 opmerkingen:

Doreen G zei

Goodness me Emmy all that work--but it is beautiful.

Vicki W zei

What wonderful texture! I've given some thought to taking that clas too.

Ro Bruhn zei

Just love your work, so very intricate and detailed, fabulous. Thanks for visitng my blog

Anoniem zei

Oh what fun, I think its great what Sharon B is doing for textile arts, I'm glad to see that an on-line class is so worthwhile!

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese zei

I have found faces and eyes a particular fascination for a number of years. Your work is an inspiration, the textures and colours are so scrumptious! Well done indeed.
Best wishes

Micki zei

It is lovely, Emmy. So much texure and lovely colors.

Anoniem zei



Margaret S zei

Is this the Sumptuous Surfaces class? If so I have also signed up, it is proving to be very thought provoking so far. It obviously got you going embroidering already! Not seen you on the joggles forum yet Emmy!
Margaret (Little works of Art)

Dianne zei

You do the most beautiful work Emmy!! I was thinking of signing up for Sharon's class too...