woensdag, september 19, 2007

Fabric art journal TAST

I am far behind with TAST so many other things are on my mind and I want to make a fabrick book of the TAST project .
I got the insperation from a couple of people
and here are the first pages

they are not finished yet ,I am thinking on howe to put the names of the stiches on the pages
and howe to bind the pages

It is so much nicer than to display it in a plastic map

bedankt Willy voor het idee,,,,,,,

15 opmerkingen:

Doreen G zei

What a great idea Emmy ...the book will look wonderful when you have finished

Anoniem zei

Dat gaat goed komen Emmy. Ziet er nu al prachtig uit! Wat een mooie kleuren. Willy.

sharonb zei

I am looking forward to seeing these as a book too!
One idea as to binding - you could use small metal eyelets - ie metal eyelet rings and then thread an interesting cord through them to hold them together

Micki zei

These are fantastic. You are going to have a beautiful when finished.

Kim zei

Wonderful idea Emmy!

Cathie zei

What a glorious keepsake of stitches and art you will have when complete. Or, maybe never complete - you can just keep adding. Gorgeous!!

gunnelsvensson zei

These are fantastic Emmy! Very, very good!

Karoda zei

I love the idea of turning them into a fabric book!

Dianne zei

These look fantastic just as is!! This book is going to be wonderful!!!

Barbara zei

they look fantastic and when finished I think it looks gorgeous!

Anoniem zei

So colorful and so beautiful. If you want to tag them, maybe you could do what quilters do and print out a fabric label on your computer to stitch to the back of each page. I'm sure some Web sites devoted to quilting might have some pre-made labels you can download and adapt for embroidery if you don't want to make your own.

SeamRippstress zei

Emmy these are SO gorgeous! What a beautiful fibre art book these will make! Speaking of book Boxes...I'm putting the finishing touches on yours and should be completed within days I tell ya! I apologize for its extreeeme lateness as i've gotten carried away with it. I'll send you email after i ship it! Thanks for your patience! Elaine

molly jean zei

they look wonderful,Emmy! I love the pink to tie them together. I think pink goes with everything!Looking forward to seeing them bound.

Vivian zei

Wonderful idea to do common style page for binding. It will be interesting to look back at. I have mine in a big binder with the directions.

Anoniem zei

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.