zaterdag, september 15, 2007

so many things

Aftere the holidays,,,, and I am stil not on the go ..there are so many things going on in my mind and I can,t get it on the go .....

I knitted one sweater and one shawl and I am started to knit ,crochet a scrummble vest I made some bags this way a long time ago ,, if go back on my blog you wil find these bags

the last time we got thogether Sandra , Willy ,and I <>
Willy gave us a piece of fabrick and we have to make something out of it .
It is hanging on the wall and I dont now what to do whit it

But today was the day and I now what to do


I let you see what we are all made of this piece of fabrick

and my coat yes my coat I made last year I stil wan t to do something with this coat , and I did

I used the fabrick from Willy and some wool
I wil add some machine embriodery and beads and some hand embriodery

some close up of the embellishing

6 opmerkingen:

Shirley Goodwin zei

Yes..yes...what have you done with that fabric?

I love all your images on the Fibre Arts/Mixed media site.

Tijm zei

Wat herkenbaar.Het gevoel hebben wel heel veel te willen maar het nog niet uit de handen te kunnen krijgen.
Mooie dingen weer,ben weg van de jas.

Alis Clair zei

I love the coat - brilliant idea. It will be a joy to wear.

Love your knitting too.

Val zei

Hi Emmy - love your knitting, particularly the threads you use - what gorgeous colours and textures. Lovely to meet you, thanks for stopping by my Blog. Val

Barbara zei

You have always new ideas!Wow

Dianne zei

Beautiful scrumbling Emmy, and love the coat!!