zondag, oktober 14, 2007


the velvet book cover is finished I added some machine embriodery fantasie yarn and a bead
I am very pleased with the result

12 opmerkingen:

Micki zei

It is beautiful, Emmy. I love the texture you created with the embellisher. And I like how you attached the yarns for the closing.

Barbara zei

wow, how cool is that!!Love the work with the embellisher!

Doreen G zei

Fantastic Emmy and I love the colour as well

Jacquelines blog zei

Prachtig Emmy!!! Mooi die stukjes die je met de embellisher hebt gedaan!!!

Kim zei

The color is so vibrant and the texture wonderful - another lovely piece!

Annica zei

It's gorgeous!!! I love the texture as well as the colour.

Gunnels blog zei

Oh, this is lovely Emmy! I love velvet, I love blue and I love the texture!!!!

Dianne zei

Great colour, texture, it's fantastic!!!

Amy zei

The book cover is lovely, wonderful color and texture.

Waltraud zei

Beautiful, great colours and texture!

molly jean zei

I like the organic looking textures and always I love blue!

Carol zei

this is stunning Emmy