vrijdag, oktober 12, 2007


I have been Tagged by Doreen to name 7 honest things about myself
so lets think..........

1...I work to much ..I can,t say no..

2..My children and grand children ..I love them so much ..

3..I dream about Nicholas gage .....and Rod Steward.. (this sunday I go to a concert in Rotterdam Rod is comming to Holland ooo I love it )

4 I hate to clean the house but I also hate a dirty house

5 I spend to much time on the computer

6 there are to much things I want to do I always see new things and the old stuf ... wel I must finish that first

7 I know I need to work out,, I am getting fat,, I dont like anything but swimming . there is so little TIME

oke no more now I must tag some others
here they come







oke ladies it is your turn

and I want to thank all of you that responded on the fabrick art book and all the other Items
thank you so much I always love to get comments it is very nice that you al visit my blog
warm regards to you al

3 opmerkingen:

Doreen G zei

You know Emmy when I read your 7 things they could have been mine also except for Nicolas Cage

Peggy zei

Thanks so much for tagged.

Dianne zei

OH Nicholas Page is my no. 2 after Johnny Depp!!!