maandag, april 21, 2008


Here I am in park Guell in Barcelona and in the house of Gaudi .I am still amazed of the great work of Gaudi .
yes it is me in the mirror I did not know I was on this picture so a little surprice
But live goes on and there is work again and the course (city and guild ) it is great fun but it takes time
And this wendsday is the day we wil go to Willy . Sandra here bag is ready ,,, you can read all about it on here blog ,there is always so much to talk and to show these days are so wonderful and I always get so much inspiration I am so very happy that I met these lovely girls
Willy is preparing a new challange ?????? the one Sandra gave us is finished so we get to see the finished quilts,,,
I wil keep you informed

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Samsara zei

Ah, Barcelona! One of my favourite places in the whole world :-) Just looking at your pictures brings back happy memories :-)