donderdag, april 24, 2008

boot trip and more

This sarterday we are going on a boot trip the quilt shop were I gave some workshops is having 2 boottrips and this saterday I go with them to give some demo with paint sticks ,, I sure hope we wil have nice weather and there wil be many quilters for more info , Quiltkabinet ,

And Arlee found out abouth this page there is my Fiber art journal with the page Arlee made for me and the page from Samantha

And the new challange from Willy, we had an other wonderful day the mother quilts are done and the one Willy and Sandra made are beautiful
the new theme is are favorite toy , I have been thinking on this all day long and I got started ,out of the blue,I am not sure at all about it but this is all just a feeling and I let it go and I wil see .
I wil keep you informed.

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