Friday, June 13, 2008

exquisite corpse

at last here it is the exquisite corps 6 ladies worked on this Ginger Henkel top left piece

I did the middel piece Michelle the next piece

Betty Donahue did the left bottum piece Mary Anne did the middel piece and the last piece done by Reta Brunner

the pieces were al coverd up so you could not see what the others hade done

I revield the piece and can let you see the result

there are more exquisite corps going on go and see on the blog of Arlee she is the moderator of it all

My theme is mermaid and the colors green and blue


verobirdie said...

Emmy, your corpse is so beautiful! I am amazed at the way all six squares mix well together!

turning leaf said...

It looks fantastic Emmy!!! I can't wait to see mine when it returns to me.

arlee said...

This EC's theme and colours worked really well--beautifully done, my CorpseMistresses!!!!

Sequana said...

I love Betty's mermaid sitting down there enjoying all the other sights. *S*
What's that? A bottlecap in Michelle's square? How unusual.

Well done, your team.

Angelines Artero said...

Beautiful work and blog. Could you put a translator in your blog? Regards from Spain.

Nellie's Needles said...

Your corpse is exquisite! How did all of you happen to use the same blue? Following clues from the tiny bit exposed on each others blocks? If so, all of you did exceptionally well.

Tanguera said...

Wow, it is all so seamless. Wonderful piece.

Nancy said...

gosh, it just turned out great. how inspiring for us newbies! good job all!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It looks great! I'm so glad I was a part of this one and to see it complete.

Betty Donahue said...

Oh Emmy--I am so happy your corpse turned out so nice.

corryna said...

I am surprised how well it turned out. Wonderful colours. It is amazing that it fits so well together. My corps is almost ready to send to the second one on the list. I am excited about it and I can't wait to see all the corpses in December/January.