vrijdag, juni 20, 2008

TAST the binding,,,,,

It is stil in progres but it is coming slowly , for the binding of the book I first used eyelets but this was not so good the eyelets all fall out of the fabrick after some time .

I now used the buttonhole stitch for the little holes and this is very nice I have seen on Jacquelines blog she hase the same problemes with the eyelets .

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Jacquelines blog zei

But now we have to find a solution....maybe Corryna is right and we have to spend an afternoon together with some textile lovers to find the answer:-) (she wrote this to me, sounds great!)

corryna zei

Emmy ben je in voor een gezellige middag met Jacqueline, mij en ehm.. tja, wie eigenlijk nog meer :-) om ons eens te buigen over de duizend-en-één mogelijkheden om een fabric book te binden? Het lijkt mij leuk om te doen, nuttig en gezellig. Eerst maar eens peilen wie mee wil doen voordat wie het dan ook organiseert...

Dammy zei

Wow! This is simply creative. I can imagine all the works that goes into coming up with this beautiful piece of art. It is so lovely!
There is something about your fabric that reminds me of Africa.

Nice blog!

P.S: Thanks for your comment on my blog. You are free to link me on your blog.