vrijdag, augustus 22, 2008

my playground

I like to let you see the inspiration for my quilt play ground
the first thing I was thinking on when we got the challange was the way were playing as children
there were many little ditches around the school , the last picture was my school , long gone ,,,
now there is a road and new houses no more play ground for children .
in summer we played in the fields fild with flowers and in the winter we did ice skating and played in the snow .
The head master always told us to see the beauty of the nature and it was beautiful at that time
nature is gone there no more flowers ,,, o yes there are nice gardens with flowers but it is not the same .
so that was my inspiration for the quilt .

al memories .

4 opmerkingen:

Willy zei

Mooie, waardevolle toevoeging Emmy.... jouw quilt wordt er nog mooier van.

Sabii Wabii zei

love your fiber art.

Marie-Noëlle zei

Bonjour Emmy,
Je ne reconnais pas le village...Serait-ce Csic Sinkirai?..J'y ai passé de bons moments avec Tunde Gyorgiu et Edith Simon...
Joli travail...

Anoniem zei

I love these pictures. So many places disappear to make way for the new. The areas I remember as wild and free in my teen years are all housing developments now. =(