zondag, augustus 24, 2008

new memberschip

Around the world in 20 quilts is a group setup by Linda
I was to late to join but Linda put me on a waiting list and today she mailed me to ask if I would join the group. there was one how left the group ,
Wel I love to join so now I am a new member of this group
They did one challenge but the next one wil be in sept . so that is soon.
love to be on this group

3 opmerkingen:

corryna zei

Hey Emmy wat leuk om te horen dat je ook gaat meedoen. Ik ben erg benieuwd naar de volgende challenge.

Sue zei

Hi Emmy, welcome to the group.

Janny zei

Ben zeer benieuwd wat en hoe het gaat worden. Succes allemaal!