dinsdag, oktober 07, 2008


As always the day after I got so much inspiration, I found a little space to get this going.
Green and red , a lot of hand embroidery and now I added free motion embroidery .
Tomorrow I have some time to go on with this project.
Maybe I can let you see more, I have to finish the TAST book it is almost done but this is what I wanted to do first,
The inspiration is here and got to use it before it is gone .

9 opmerkingen:

corryna zei

Wauw! Wat een mooie kleuren. Ik hoorde gisteren al dat er meer zijn die rood mooi vinden. Ook ik ben daar één van. Ik ben benieuwd naar het vervolg.

Papoosue zei

ooh, these colours and textures are just gorgeous. x

Jackie zei

WOW! Stunning work.

Waltraud zei

Great - love the wonderful colours,

Hi! I'm Grace zei

Hi, how are you doing? If you got time, pls hop in to my blog, there's something I want to show you. Thanks.

Janny zei

Wat een prachtig rood heb je gebruikt, combineert geweldig mooi!

jude zei

this one really has a lot of spirit!

MargaretR zei

I love it Emmy. I know just what you mean when the inspiartion comes I have to do it there and then before it goes, even if it means leaving moore important things for another day.

Wanda zei

wonderful work and wow..the colors!! Great ability to see the combinations! I didn't know anything, really, about dyslexia. Very interesting and I love that you see it as a gift. Everything happens for a reason.