zaterdag, oktober 18, 2008

To Madeira my dear

I am gone for 8 days to Madeira see you ,,,,,,,

8 opmerkingen:

Gunnels blog zei

I wish you a wonderful vacation Emmy!

Wanda zei

Have a great vacation and come back with all sorts of new and exciting inspirations!

smarcoux zei

HI Emmy ... have a wonderful trip and when you get back we will catch up with your new maderia muse


Heather zei

Hope you have a lovely holiday and don't feel too cold when you get back!

ingedk zei

it looks very good, wonderfull idea

Hi! I'm Ruby zei

enjoy the vacation... and looking forward for more photos on here... :)

Dot zei

Hi Emmy

Hope you have had a wonderful trip!

Dot xx

Anoniem zei

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