donderdag, januari 15, 2009


I made 2 quilts , Storm and , after the storm and Maby I make an other one ,before the storm wel at this moment these are finished and I have so much more I have to do . When I do I let you see it .

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Rengin Yazitas zei

So nice color combos, very nice jobs:)
Rengin, in Istanbul

corryna zei

Emmy you are so talented! I must write this in English, so everyone can read it :-). I love these quilts and I can't wait to see the thirth in this row. You should make a thirth one, for it will look better on a wall if there are three :-).

Leuk he zo'n blog :-)

Helen Suzanne zei

I really like your fabrics here Emmy, and particularly the composition of the bottom pic is very eye catching

verobirdie zei

They really do convey the feeling of storm. Beautiful

Nellie's Needles zei

These storm pieces are wonderful ... I can feel those storms just by looking.

I enjoyed seeing your pieces at the Cyber Fyber Exhibition in Columbia, South Carolina. Your art is amazing!

jude zei

these are really wonderful

Alis zei

Great pieces Emmy. The colours and textures are just great.