maandag, januari 26, 2009


To live
is so startling
it leaves
little time
for anything else

quote by Emily Dickinson

7 opmerkingen:


i love the embroidery at the top. beautiful. xx

Ati. Norway. zei

Altough you might have little time the things you made a worth all the time you put into it !

2smart zei

What better way of using time than creating something beautiful?

jude zei

the circles inside the hexagons make a nice transition in shape.

Laurence zei

I like colors and embroidery. Very beautiful.

Shirley Goodwin zei

Thanks for dropping by, Emmy. I like the blue quilt, and I bet your grandson will love it.

Wanda zei

The embroidery is so wonderful. So detailed and perfect. Amazing!