zaterdag, februari 21, 2009

quilt for Emily

yesterday we went to the quiltkabinet and my granddaugther Emily pict the most beautiful fabricks for here quilt ,so here I go again making a big quilt .
This one is also a wonky logcabin quilt .
And at last I got my quilts and my fiberbook back from Susan Lenz It was not here fault it took so long but the hole lot was waiting at costums they wanted to know how muts I payed for the things I bouht in Amerika
after a 2 letters to them I finely got my own things back ,,,,,
Susan was so kind to include the news papers and other magazines with al the articles about Cyber Fyber .

7 opmerkingen:

verobirdie zei

She has good taste! It is going to be full of energy.

2smart zei

What gorgeous colours,you will certainly get a buzz from sewing that quilt

Ati. Norway. zei

Your granddaughter get a beautiful colorful quilt from her grandma. She will treasure that quilt forever!

Miekenoor zei

Emily really does know her colours. This is going to be a beautiful quilt!

corryna zei

Spetterende kleuren weer! Ik hou wel van log cabins en deze variant is ook zo leuk door de beweging die ontstaat door de ongelijke blokken. Mooi! Je kleindochter heeft een goed oog voor kleuren, net als jij! Lief dat je dit voor haar doet.

Rengin Yazitas zei

What a lovely selection with wonderful colors.
I always enjoy to visit your blog, I tagged you with "Beautiful Blog Award".
Looking forward to see you your new creation with these wonderful fabrics.

MargaretR zei

I love the colours here so much Emmy. You are so busy making lovely things.