donderdag, februari 12, 2009

this one is for me ?

this quilt is almost finifhed and already taken as you see

and some lovely flowers just to let the some color in the house I love these flowers so delicut
the dutch name is -ranonkel-

6 opmerkingen:

Gunnels blog zei

They always take the best place :-)

Lovely fabrics in these quilt! Thanks for the comment on my blog, Emmy !!

Doreen G zei

Maybe he thinks because of the colour that the quilt is his.
The English name for the flower is Ranunculi.

Karen zei

Looks like the perfect quilt for him!

Eva zei

This cat surely has a good taste!

Alis zei

Seems kitties the world over know a comfy place when they see one ;0)

verobirdie zei

He sure knows what a good quilt is!
The French name is "renoncule". And they are beautiful!