zondag, maart 22, 2009

bobbin lace

here are some of the little treasures I got today .
Al lovely pieces of bobbin lace my mother made
as you know I made a quilt with here lace before but she hase so much more lace and I can use this in the crazy quilt I am making at this moment .
here is a link for more info about bobbin lace
I tryed making lace but it was not a great succes my mother is so much better in making lace she stil is making little pieces of lace hoop she can go on for some time .

14 opmerkingen:

Vicki W zei

Those are all beautiful! Lace making is one art that I have never been able to understand or do. I have a great appreciation for it.

Guzzisue zei

your mother makes lovely lace, wish mine was as good :-)

Nicole Davet zei

I like working bobin lace...A long time I did'nt..I should try it again.Your mother'slace are so fine..

Corryna Janssen zei

Wat mooi Emmy! Je moeder maakt prachtig kant. Wat jammer dat mijn moeder dat niet kan ;-). En wat fijn ook dat jij er zulke mooie dingen mee kunt maken. Dat moet voor haar ook mooi zijn om te zien.

En natuurlijk blijft ze dit nog heel lang doen...

Textile Art Showcase zei

Your Mother is a very talented lady. I am a complete beginner at bobbin lace and have managed some samples and a bookmark or too - (need more practice I think!)
How nice that you mother is keen for you to use.

Jackie zei

Your mother must have a lot of patience as well as artistic skill.

Ati. Norway. zei

Ik zie dat je moeder een vlijtig kantkloster is, erg mooi werk. Prachtig tulekantje met de sneeuwklokjes onderaan.

MargaretR zei

Beautiful lace Emmy. Thanks for the Beginner's website as I'm also finding it so difficult. i will get out my stuff tonight.

yvette zei

Emmy, wat leuk dat je mijn blog volgt, ik ga jouw hier ook zeker volgen want wat maak jij mooi werk! Ik wil hier nog heel vaak langer komen kijken.

Stitchety Grub zei

Speaking from a Bobbin lacemakers view .... YUM! lucky you ...your Mum is sooo talented the Bucks Point pieces are beautiful....
Britt in Australia

Wanda zei

I just started looking into bobbin lace and love the fact that this post addresses it! And the pieces are beautiful. As is the assisi project. Such dainty colors.

Lynn Majidimehr zei

Such beautiful bobbin lace! Makes me want to pull out my unfinished project and get started again when I have time (unfortunately it has been so long, I'll ahve to do a small practice piece first).

acereta zei

Beautiful lace. WE also have beautiful lace traditions here in Russia, I am trying to learn some bobbin lace.

ArtSparker zei

The little people are lovely, there is a lace museum on the island of Burano in the Venetian Lagoon. There was one piece I remember that had paths connecting people, lovely.