maandag, maart 16, 2009

More stitches and it is not easy to say it is done, every time you see some empty spots and think about the stitches you can add .
This weekend I finished the Quilt for Emily and I also finished some knitting
I have more yarn and for a new project to knit but my mind is on the stitching and beading for the CQ .
My Mother found more lace for this quilt so I must visit here for al these lovely treasures
hope to let you see more soon

9 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Emmy, ik ben heel benieuwd om het in zijn geheel te zien!

Jacquelines blog zei

Prachtig Emmy!!

Ati. Norway. zei

Het wordt mooi Emmy, je hebt het virus te pakken :-)

Françoise zei

It's lovely!

Miekenoor zei

Een woord: SCHIT-TE-REND!

Barbara B. zei

I like crazy. It's so wonderful!

Thelma zei

Love the colors Emmy. Beautiful work. Also want to welcome you to the CQInternational group.

Corryna Janssen zei

Hoi Emmy! Ook jij bedankt voor de gezellige middag. Ik heb ervan genoten.

Je tijdquilt wordt prachtig. Ik vind dat je er mooie blokken van maakt en ben benieuwd hoe je ze in elkaar gaat zetten.

Alis zei

I am really enjoying seeing this piece. It is so beautiful.

You have inspired me to start my own crazy patchwork piece. I am enjoying it but I have a very long, long way to go before I make anything like yours. Thank you for the inspiration though.