vrijdag, mei 15, 2009


working on the casalguidi stitch first I painted the fabrick and embroiderd the casalguidi now I have to work the surounding
over at pin Tangle you can reed al about the stitch and the challenge stitch explorer 2009

this littel bag made on the embellisher wool and velvet
is for a friend

4 opmerkingen:

Françoise zei

Interesting. I didn't know that stitch.
Lovely little bag too.

Corryna Janssen zei

Wat een grappige lijn geeft dit zeg. Je hebt de stof mooi geverfd.

yvette zei

Al weer zo'n beeldig tasje...

Wanda zei

Beautiful little bag! I got to try out an embellisher for the first time a couple of weeks I have a new dream! The casalguidi stitch is very interesting. I had not heard of it either. I struggle with some of the TAST stitches. This casalguidi stitch is way more advanced than anything I've attempted!