zaterdag, mei 02, 2009

give away

I want to thank you all for visiting my blog there are so many and I would like to do a little give away my way to say thank you

If you leave a comment I wil take 2 names and send you a little present
lets say next week on may 8 I wil let you know how gets the present.

42 opmerkingen:

Laurence zei

I like your blog. Your creations are very beautiful. Thank you very much for this give away on your blog.

Vicki W zei

I love stopping by your blog to see your beautiful work!

Carol Wiebe zei

Your work has a quality that is present when the artist invests deep love and a generous spirit into their art.

Françoise zei

Lovely picture. Is it a new quilt?

Chris zei

I would be thrilled if you chose me. I find so much inspiration on your blog.

Corryna Janssen zei

Emmy wat een mooi detail. Is dit iets nieuws?
Ik weet niet of ik deze keer ook mee mag doen, maar voor de zekerheid meld ik me maar :-). Je weet hoe mooi ik je werk vindt. Af en toe kom ik je dat hier en op andere plekken vertellen :-).

yvette zei

Emmy, mag ik zo onbeleefd zijn om mee te dingen naar je giveaway?
Dat ik van jou en je werk hou wist je al dussssssssssssss...

Beate Knappe zei

from time to time I love stopping by your blog to see your beautiful work!

Textile Art Showcase zei

Your blog is always a joy to visit - guarenteed eye-candy!!

Dale Anne zei

I am inspired by your work every time I stop here for a visit!
THANK YOU for blogging!!!

Guzzisue zei

I always stop by, always something good to see!

Ati. Norway. zei

Je maakt zulke aparte dingen, een grote inspiratie voor velen...Mag mijn naam ook in de hoed? Dank je wel.

Muriel zei

Merci à toi plutôt !! Il y a toujours de la surprise et du plaisir à regarder ton blog!

laplandyellow zei

heerlijk om op jouw blog te kunnen zien waar je mee bezig bent. veel nieuws voor mij, en tevens een inspiratie om met materiaal om te gaan wat voor mij totaal nieuw is.
ik blijf kijken!! bedankt zover.

Julita zei

Thank you for writing. Your works are very inspirational :)

Karen zei

Your blog is a favorite of mine! I am crossing fingers and toes too in hopes of getting my name picked!

Barbara zei

You always come up with such beautiful and interesting creations. I love dropping by your blog to see whats new.

Anoniem zei

I like your blog!!

Anoniem zei

I love reading your blog and would love to win a present you had made!

Anoniem zei

Love reading your blog and would love to have my name included in your give-away! Debbie (Maine)

Jo in NZ zei

Emmy, I could think of nothing better than owning a piece of your exceptional and unique art. I don't often go in for giveaways...but this one I am definitely throwing my hat into the ring for.

Doreen K. zei

I enjoy your blog. You always have such beautiful work.

Doreen G zei

Thanks Emmy for giving me the chance to win something that you have made I love what you do.

Aussie Jo zei

Your embroidery is very inspiring, I love seeing what you are up to. Thanks for having a giveaway.

Wil Opio Oguta zei

Emmy, you make lovely things. It is always nice to have a look at your blog.

smarcoux zei

Hi Emmy

Just a quick message to say that I hope to see you in st marie.

solange bonnet zei

Thank you for sharing your wonderful work, it's always a pleasure to come.

Wanda zei

It is a pleasure following your blog!

ANNA zei

I love your blog and the work you do. please enter me in your draw

wintergreen.3 zei

Your work is beautiful and an inspiration. Love visiting your blog, and giveaways are always a good thing. Gilli

Patricia zei

Your blog is inspriring. Thank you for showing your art work.

Sandra zei


Marloes zei

Prachtig werk laat je hier zien. Ik kom vaak even kijken waar je mee bezig bent.

Kimberly-Ann zei

I love your blog! I've got my fingers crossed for the giveaway :)

Rosi zei

I read your blog regularly. Your work is so fantastic. I especially love your use of colour.

Best wishes

Karrin Hurd zei

I enjoy reading your blog and the lovely things you do. I would love to be in you drawing!

Anoniem zei

Love reading your blog, and would love to have my name in the hat for your give-away. Debbie (Maine)

katelnorth zei

I may not get to your blog every time you update, but I do enjoy seeing all your work - can't wait to see what you are sewing on the EC pieces - my half-inch sneak peek is so tantalising!

miekenoor zei

Hey, that's exciting! I want to join ofcourse and also because I always get inspired by your blog! ;-)

Die Butjenterin zei

ich bin froh, das ich ihren Blog gefunden habe.
Es gibt so viel Neues bei ihnen zu sehen.
Ich bin gerade mit dem freien Sticken angefangen und bewundere bei ihnen wie schön sie es machen.

Denise zei

What a nice idea. I love stopping by and seeing what your lastest project is!
Thanks for being an inspiration.
Cheers, Denise

Keron Lee zei

After a spell of about 10 years, I am delighted to have been reignited into the joy of stitching - I found your blog via WOW - and WOW! is the thing - WOW - your work is lovely; WOW - you are clever & WOW - I wanna win (please!)
great work, I adore the colours on your giveaway post - it looks like the forest floors under our gum trees.
Keron in Oz