vrijdag, september 11, 2009

4 years of blogging

Today it is 4 years ago I started blogging ,at first there were most friends from USA Canada Australie Sweden and just 1 ore 2 from the netherlands and now s many friends from all over the world it is always a pleasure to see al of your work and I always get inspiration from all of you
Thanks al for visiting my blog I hope to see you for a long time

warm regards Emmy

17 opmerkingen:

Françoise zei

Happy blog anniversary!!

Genie zei

Happy Blogaversary Emmy

AnneJeu zei

Proficiat Emmy! En hopelijk hou je het nog heel lang vol....

Aida Costa zei

Congratulations! Wow, 4 years is wonderful! I'm looking forward to many more years of inspiration from your wonderful blog :)

Doreen G zei

4 years is a long time blogging Emmy---Congratulations.
It is always a pleasure to read your blog.

Anoniem zei

Gefeliciteerd Emmy. Jouw blog is altijd inspirerend. Doe zo voort!!

Trillian zei

Congratulations. I hope you will "blog" some more years. I like your ideas.

2smart zei

Gefeliciteerd Emmy, I have picked up a couple of words in Netherlands (trouble is,people in Holland speak such good English we become even lazier) many congratulations on your anniversary,you always produce such interesting stuff, it's a pleasure to visit.Sheila

Annica zei

Happy blog anniversary!

Willy zei

Emmy, gefeliciteerd, altijd weer een verrassing wanneer er iets nieuws en altijd weer iets moois van je te zien en te lezen is.

Marloes zei

Gefeliciteerd met de blog-verjaardag!

Wanda zei

It was a fine day when I found your blog! I enjoy it always and look forward to many years together!

arlee zei

Happy Blogaversary Emmy! You've come a long way Baby :}

jude zei

yay! congrats!

sharonb zei

I am a bit late Emmy but congratulations and I am pleased you have enjoyed the experience of blogging

Patricia zei

Congratulations on your 4 th blogaversary.
Thanks for sharing your creative work with us.
I love the little felted purse I won at your giveaway .
Have fun blogging for many more years.


Gunnels blog zei

Congratualtion Emmy! I have just blogged for three years now, and you was one of my very first boglfriends and flcikrfriends. And as you say, when I beginn the most of my visitors was from USA and from Europe but not so many form my own country.

I have try to get a comment on the last post of you beautiful sttiching, but blogger don´t let me, it si very nice. i like to do that kind of stitching my self, to follow the lines. Have you marbled that fabric?