zondag, september 20, 2009

A bit late

This quilt is finished for a long time now I wanted to show it but I forgot to put it on my blog

You have seen little pieces of it but here is the finished quilt

The quilt is 75 / 75 cm

10 opmerkingen:

jude zei

beautiful, i like your use of dots. zei

so beautiful...
I enjoy your blog very much.
love and light

Textile Art Showcase zei

Very nice. very interesting details and subtle colours. Lovely!

Corryna Janssen zei

Mooie emmy! Ik vind het mooi dat het zo vol leven lijkt te zitten. Heb je het voor een speciale opdracht gemaakt of zo maar tussendoor?


yvette zei

te mooi om waar te zijn...echt schitterend...dagdag

Aida Costa zei

It's beautiful!! I love the 'bubbles' and all the lovely stitching :)

Deborah zei

love the colors

Wanda zei

Beautiful piece! The stitching is great as is the colors and the quilting! I would love to have even a part of your imagination!

Anoniem zei

Could you tell us the sizes of the quilts? It's difficult to figure out. Patty

Jackie zei

This is beautiful. the colours, shapes and patterns work really well together.