woensdag, december 23, 2009

lost and found

cleaning up my room I found this piece
it was lost in the pile of cloth in a basket
I am so glad I found it again
maybe I can do some stitching

I wish you all a very merry christmas

8 opmerkingen:

Dolores zei

What an interesting little piece.

Françoise zei

I can see the eye of a cyclone in this piece. What is it?

Martine zei

Een mooi kerstkadootje voor jezelf.
Fijne kerstdagen!

jude zei

merry christmas to you too!

Unknown zei

Hele fijne dagen Emmy!!!!

Janny de Roo zei

Prachtige kleuren Emmy...daar moet je idd wat mee gaan doen.
Prettige dagen.....!

Deborah zei

great find!

Wanda zei

This is a very pretty piece. I'm glad you found it too! And look forward to seeing it grow