zondag, december 06, 2009

shall I do it

The flower was a gift from a dear friend and now I am thinking to use it for this piece that I made on the embellisher
what do you think shall I do so ????????????

9 opmerkingen:

Ati zei

Of course Emmy, you can do that. Gifts are given to be used!
beautiful piece of felt you made!

Janny de Roo zei

Ik heb het zojuist op Flickr mogen bewonderen en het is prachtig geworden. De geborduurde bloemen passen er zo goed bij. Super...!

murgelchen zei

Wnderful color.

Digitalgran zei

I think you should Emmy. It's a perfect addition to your work and I'm sure your friend will be pleased you loved it so much you wanted it in your work.

Deborah zei

Oh, I think so. They look like they belong together.

patstusio zei

yes i do agree. and it will 'memorialize' the gift into the art work. very nice.

Wanda zei

Oh yes....I DO think you should have the two together!

Momo Luna S!gnals zei

Het is heel mooi geworden. De bloemen waren gemaakt voor jouw viltkunst.

Vivian zei

nice design & colours ... makes me think of spring (already)